Advocacy Champions

“I am proud to serve as an Advocacy Champion for Respiratory Health Association. It’s been empowering to share my story with my Senator and be a voice for the COPD Community.” – Bill K., Chicago

Do you have a desire to make a difference and the willingness to speak personally about the impact on you and your family of lung cancer, asthma, COPD, other lung diseases, tobacco control, air quality or other lung health concerns?


RHA’s Advocacy Champions are volunteer lung health advocates from all walks of life who have a personal connection to our mission and are willing to share their stories with lawmakers. They are also from all over the state – we are recruiting at least one Advocacy Champion in every legislative district in Illinois.

You don’t need to be expert on policy issues to be an Advocacy Champion. RHA alerts you when action is necessary, provides you with key talking points on the topic and asks you to contact your elected officials with these magical words: “I am a constituent and I want you to support…”

As an Advocacy Champion, you will receive real time policy updates, quarterly newsletters and an invitation each spring to travel to Springfield for our State Lung Health Education Day.

To learn more about becoming an Advocacy Champion, please contact Kelly Nichols, Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator, at


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