Tips on Choosing a Wearable Fitness Tracker

Welcome back, summer! As the weather warms and the sun shines, mix up your exercise routine and head outside. Wearable fitness devices can help you track your exercise. There are many devices available today and it can be hard to choose one. Below are several tips and tricks to help you find one that’s right for you:

• Do you want a tracker or a watch? Trackers count your steps and active minutes, but watches can also monitor your heart rate and send alerts.

• What will the upkeep require? Fancy devices may be nice but are often high maintenance. Look for devices that are easy to use, have a good battery life, and are comfortable to wear.

• Will it meet your needs? Think about your lifestyle and how much you’ll use it. Also think about the interconnectivity aspect; does it need to be compatible with your phone or other electronics, or will this be a stand-alone device?

Regardless of what you choose, fitness trackers and watches are wonderful devices that can get you motivated to exercise. For more information on staying active and healthy visit our Project STRENGTH page, which features pulmonary rehab at home resources.