Clean Air Advocacy

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Volunteers, community members, and advocates from across Illinois have made a tremendous impact in helping us improve air quality for all.  You helped us shut down the Fisk and Crawford coal-fired power plants in Chicago, hold power plants accountable for excessive emissions, clean up diesel trucks and trains, limit vehicle idling around schools, and last year pass the largest state clean energy and energy efficiency law in the country.  

Join the E-Advocacy Team

The next decade is going to bring new challenges that require your action. Federal pollution laws are under attack, state environmental protection programs are being cut, and climate change will bring unique public health consequences.

We need your voice now! RHA will notify you via Action Alert emails when your phone calls, letters, and/or emails to elected and government officials are needed. We’ll share pertinent talking points and instructions, including how to access your officials and their contact information. You can also accompany RHA staff on local legislator visits and attend our State Lung Health Education Day in the spring.