Obesity & Asthma in Urban African Americans

Samuel Dorevitch, MD
University of Illinois at Chicago


Research Summary:

A dominant theory about the link between asthma and obesity focuses on inflammation (a component of both conditions) and an element of inflammation called oxidative stress. Dr. Dorevitch is investigating the relationship between asthma, obesity and oxidative stress within an urban African American community to gain more information about the link between asthma and obesity.

Funded By:

Respiratory Health Association Research Grant

Year: 2010

Gender Differences in Asthma

Danit Ariel, MD
Stanford University Medical Center



In partnership with The CHEST Foundation, RHA co-funds a clinical research award in women’s lung health. Dr. Ariel, a fellow at Stanford University, is researching gender differences and insulin resistance in asthma. He hopes to find connections between asthma and people who are not diabetic but show resistance to insulin, which may lead to better treatments and management strategies for people with asthma.

Research Summary:

The prevalence and severity of asthma is progressively increasing, and it is estimated that women account for 65% of deaths related to asthma. Recent research indicates that there is a relationship between obesity and asthma, and that insulin resistance may be the potential link. Dr. Ariel’s research seeks to identify the role that insulin-resistance-directed therapy plays in achieving better asthma control, and explore associated gender differences.

Funded by:

Respiratory Health Association, The CHEST Foundation

Year: 2012