COPD Advocacy

Connect with others advocating for the COPD community.

RHA empowers people living with COPD, caregivers and health care providers to become advocates for policies and practices that address their needs. You can help persuade lawmakers to support policies that protect the air we breathe and improve the lives of people affected by COPD and other lung diseases.

Join the E-Advocacy Team

Advocates like you have traveled to Washington D.C. and Springfield, participated in meetings with lawmakers, sent emails and written letters urging policy makers and others to increase disease awareness, improve COPD care and support lung health and clean air policies. These efforts have had an impact during the development of the State Plan for Addressing COPD in Illinois, the COPD National Action Plan, in recruiting members of the Congressional COPD Caucus (Illinois has most members of the 50 states), and supporting tighter federal EPA air quality health standards.

We need your help to continue making policy progress! RHA will notify you via action alert emails when your phone calls, letters, and/or emails to elected and government officials are needed. We’ll share relevant talking points and instructions, including how to access your officials and their contact information. You can also accompany RHA staff on local legislator visits and attend our State Lung Health Education Day in the spring.