COPD Successes

Respiratory Health Association is working to address the impact of COPD on individuals and their families here in Chicago, at the state level, and nationally through educationresearch and policy change. RHA is widely recognized as a leader in COPD efforts; below are some of our milestone achievements.

Cool Timeline

COPD National Action Plan released

The COPD National Action Plan is released as the first-ever blueprint for a multi-faceted, unified fight against the disease. Developed at the request of Congress with input from Respiratory Health Association and the broader COPD community, the plan provides a comprehensive framework for action by those affected by the disease…
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First-of-Kind COPD Caregiver’s Toolkit Created

Addressing the needs of families affected by COPD, RHA developed a first-of-its-kind “toolkit” of resource materials for caregivers of people living with COPD. We are now pilot testing the toolkit with caregivers, COPD patients, and researchers.

COPD National Action Plan Released

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), a branch of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), releases its COPD National Action Plan. Respiratory Health Association believes this plan will serve as a springboard to promote policy change that supports the needs of people living with COPD and their caregivers,…
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RHA develops COPD Caregiver Toolkit

RHA’s COPD Caregiver Toolkit is developed to address the informational and support needs of persons caring for a loved one with COPD.   Through RHA’s work with the COPD community, it has identified a significant gap in educational and support resources dedicated to informal caregivers: the need for comprehensive, user-centered caregiver…
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2016 Living Better Together Conference

Respiratory Health Association hosts its 13th Annual Living Better Together COPD conference with 300 attendees, including individuals living with COPD, their caregivers, and pulmonary rehabilitation staff. Participants came together to learn about COPD and strategies for living better together with this chronic illness. Many traveled by bus with their pulmonary…
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COPD Award Established by Kathleen Hart Solovy

Jerold Solovy, former chair emeritus of the Jenner & Block law firm in Chicago, was one of the estimated one million individuals in Illinois living with COPD. The Kathleen Hart Solovy and Jerold S. Solovy Endowment for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) has been created at RHA in his memory.…
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Solovy Endowment for Advancement in COPD

Kathleen Hart Solovy, in memory of her husband Jerold S. Solovy, establishes the Solovy Endowment for Advancement in COPD at RHA.  The Solovy Award for Advancement in COPD recognizes innovation and continued progress in the prevention, treatment and cure for COPD. The award was established at Respiratory Health Association by…
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Midwest COPD Network formed

RHA developed a regional Midwest COPD Network in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio to exchange and expand best practices of COPD awareness and education. In addition to its role in leading coalitions, RHA has also been instrumental in engaging legislators in national COPD efforts. RHA also assisted with getting resolutions…
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COPD questions added to Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey

RHA is successful in persuading the Illinois Department of Public Health to add COPD questions to the 2010 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey. Illinois is one of the first states to do so. The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System is the largest phone public health survey in the U.S. and…
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Illinois COPD Coalition releases State Plan for Addressing COPD

Convened by Respiratory Health Association, the Illinois COPD Coalition releases the State Plan for Addressing COPD. The plan outlines sustainable solutions to reduce the burden of COPD and makes Illinois only the second state in the U.S. to have formed a coalition with a resulting state plan.  The State Plan…
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RHA conducts spirometry testing at the Illinois State Capitol

RHA staff and medical providers conducted spirometry testing in the State Capitol to raise COPD awareness. During the day, 37 state legislators and key staff were tested with nearly 30% having abnormal findings ranging from mild to severe obstructions. RHA encouraged these individuals to follow up with their clinicians.

Illinois COPD Coalition formed

Respiratory Health Association forms the Illinois COPD Coalition with more than 100 collaborators across the state of Illinois. Coalition members represent a broad group of stakeholders, including community-based agencies, public health departments, professional organizations, patients and caregivers, health care providers, home health care agencies and pharmaceutical companies.

Illinois Leads in Adopting State COPD Plan

Illinois becomes the first state to adopt a State COPD Plan developed through a statewide coalition. The aim of the Plan is to reduce COPD-related morbidity and mortality and improve the quality of life of people in Illinois living with COPD. RHA served as convener of the coalition and amassed…
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RHA hosts first Living Better Together with COPD Conference

Respiratory Health Association hosts its first annual Living Better COPD Conference for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (“COPD”) patients and their caregivers. This is the largest annual patient-centered COPD awareness event and educational conference in the United States with between 300 and 350 individuals living with COPD and their caregivers, families,…
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First Annual Living Better Together COPD Conference

Respiratory Health Association hosts its first annual Living Better Together COPD Conference for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (“COPD”) patients and their caregivers. The educational conference shares with patients a variety of resources and tips for managing their COPD. Living Better Together is the largest such COPD patient gathering in the…
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Issue #1 of Inspiration Newsletter

In 2004, Respiratory Health Association released the inaugural edition of its Inspiration newsletter. This annual newsletter, edited by a volunteer pulmonologist, is written for people with COPD and their caregivers and contains practical tips for living well, the latest in COPD research, and legislative updates. Today, Inspiration reaches more than…
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Congressional COPD Caucus formed

In 2004, the Congressional COPD Caucus was formed to improve awareness and care of patients with COPD while supporting the search for a cure.  RHA works diligently the COPD patient community to engage Illinois legislators in the Caucus.  U.S. Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois became co-chair in 2011.  As of…
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