Quit Smoking

Every year, more than 1 million people quit smoking for good.

When you quit smoking, you immediately gain health benefits such as improved lung function, improved circulation and a new confidence to live a tobacco-free life. RHA provides a number of resources to assist you in quitting:

I Want to Quit Smoking

If you smoke and are interested in quitting, you are not alone. Help is available! Many resources exist that can provide support and offer assistance to help you quit smoking successfully.

Although the process can be difficult, with commitment and motivation you can become tobacco-free for good!

Take the first step — learn more about the quit smoking resources available to you.

I Want to Help Others Quit Smoking

Someone who smokes is more likely to think about quitting and be motivated to quit when he or she hears it from multiple sources in multiple forms.

Respiratory Health Association works to build the capacity of health systems, behavioral health centers, social service organizations, community-based organizations, employers and higher learning institutions to integrate tobacco cessation interventions into their service offerings to help their patients, clients and employees quit smoking.


For more information about cigarettes and other tobacco products, stop smoking medications and other topics related to tobacco use, visit the Quit Smoking section of our Library.

For more information about RHA’s efforts to help people quit smoking, contact Rachael Morkunas via email at rmorkunas@resphealth.org.