Help Others Quit

Respiratory Health Association works to build capacity for health systems, behavioral health centers, social service organizations, community-based organizations, employers and higher learning institutions to integrate tobacco cessation interventions into their service offerings to help their patients, clients and employees quit smoking.

Someone who smokes is more likely to think about quitting and be motivated to quit when he or she hears about it from multiple sources in multiple forms.

RHA’s comprehensive approach to address tobacco use includes Counsel to Quit® and Courage to Quit®.

Counsel to Quit®

Counsel to Quit® is RHA’s training program designed to help health care professionals advise their patients to quit smoking. Research shows that just 3-10 minutes of counseling from a health care provider can increase an individual’s success in quitting by 60%.

Counsel to Quit® trainings provide health care professionals with information and skills to appropriately screen patients for tobacco use, implement strategies to advise cessation, and develop opportunities to connect to local cessation referral options.

Courage to Quit®

Courage to Quit® is RHA’s evidence-based adult tobacco treatment program for groups or individuals. Courage to Quit® is consistent with the U.S. Public Health Service Clinical Practice Guideline (Fiore et al., 2008). It is available in multiple formats with flexible content that can be customized for delivery. Courage to Quit®’s effectiveness has been documented in the American Journal of Public Health.

If you are looking to gain the knowledge and skills to assist people who are interested in quitting smoking, join one of our training workshops! The one-day Courage to Quit® Leader Training will prepare you to lead group and one-on-one programs.


If you’d like to bring RHA’s programs to your organization or have questions, contact Erin Virgo via email at