Smoke-free Parks

Secondhand smoke is bad for health indoors and outdoors. Seeing tobacco products used in public spaces can also re-normalize smoking behaviors among youth. For these reasons, RHA works to increase the availability of smoke-free outdoor places and spaces, including parks, beaches, playgrounds, and plazas.

More than 50 communities in Illinois have adopted smoke-free park, playground, and beach laws, including the Chicago Park District, one of the largest municipal park systems in the country.

RHA works with park districts, park boards and youth groups to educate policymakers on the benefits of smoke-free outdoor spaces, and works directly with park districts to assist with policy adoption, implementation, and enforcement. Our Smoke-free Parks white paper offers a comprehensive review of municipal and state policy considerations.

Learn how we can work with you to bring smoke-free parks to your community by contacting Kelly Nichols, Senior Manager of Policy and Advocacy, via email at or by phone at (312) 628-0226.