How will the Soldier Field climb work?

Participants will climb in one of eight assigned sections of the stadium’s upper deck (400 level), in waves that include ten climbers. Climbers will go in loops, taking the stairs of their designated section up and down as many times as they can during a 20-minute period. Each stair section will be designated for one-way foot traffic and climber start times will be spaced out to follow social distancing guidelines.

  • Climbers moving at a faster pace cannot pass people in front of them. For your safety and the safety of others, we will ask you always keep a six-feet distance from other climbers.
  • Due to the need for social distancing, we will not be tracking individual climb times. Climbers are welcome to bring their own fitness trackers or timing devices with them if they wish to record their progress.
  • Event staff will time and release climbers to begin their 20-minute time slot individually.

Note: Climbing 7-8 full loops (up and down) is most like the 1,632 stairs at our traditional 875 N. Michigan Ave. climb (formerly known as John Hancock Center).