Team Information

Riding CowaLUNGa as part of a team is fun and motivational. Though we will not be riding together in-person this year, you can still have fun as a team while sharing your experience virtually or through safe, socially distanced riding!

First-timers have enjoyed being part of Team CowaLUNGa or forming their own teams with family and friends. In all cases, team jerseys are encouraged.

Each year the team with the most members is recognized with the coveted Largest Team trophy.

Team CowaLUNGa

Want to ride but don’t know if you can do it? Looking for a riding partner for support and to share the experience? Need help training? You’re officially invited to join Team CowaLUNGa, a group of veteran cyclists who delight in welcoming new riders to our charity bike tour. All riders can join.

Team CowaLUNGa Member Benefits

▪ Access to Team Captain for additional coaching and fundraising advice
▪ Training support
▪ Opportunity to connect with veteran CowaLUNGa riders as well as other new riders
▪ A great team of people to support your ride journey
▪ Availability of Team CowaLUNGa cycling jersey for purchase

No Additional Fees to Join Team CowaLUNGa

There are no additional registration fees to be part of Team CowaLUNGa and it’s easy to join. When you reach “Select a Participant Category” during registration choose “Join An Existing Team” and select “Team CowaLUNGa.” For more information or help registering, call (312) 628-0210.

Form A Team of Your Own

It’s easy and there’s no additional cost! Start by designating a team captain. During the registration process, that person will choose “Create a Team.” Then, simply share the team name with others and have them select “Join a Team” during registration. Already registered for CowaLUNGa and want to join a team? Email us with the team name to be added.

Friends & Family Team Benefits

▪ Build camaraderie as you ride
▪ Direct contact and support for your captain from RHA staff

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Still have questions? Contact Gina Schwieger, Senior Director of Special Events, via email at [email protected] or call (312) 628-0210.