Virtual Riders

Have a conflict with Cow 2019 or an injury that keeps you from riding? You don’t have to lose a year toward your next Cow trophy and can still have an impact on RHA’s efforts to help people living with asthma, COPD, lung cancer and other lung diseases. Register as a Cow Virtual Rider!

Virtual Rider Benefits

As a registered Cow Virtual Rider, you’ll receive:

  • The official Cow event performance shirt
  • A keepsake Fanny Flag
  • The Cow finisher’s medal

These items will be mailed to you 2 – 3 weeks after the Cow event.


Ride (or Don’t) for Healthy Lungs and Clean Air

If you’re able, make training a motivational part of the virtual experience and log 18, 65, 130 or 190 miles on your own. However, there is no requirement to prove you’ve even gotten on your bike. Your key role as a Virtual Rider is making a difference through fundraising.

Share with your network that you’re committed to supporting RHA’s mission even though you aren’t able to be at the Cow event. You’ll have full access to the RHA Fundraising Toolkit and be able to create a personal fundraising page to help with your efforts. You’ll receive the Cow event emails full of great fundraising tips and encouragement.

Prior to the CowaLUNGa Charity Bike Tour dates, registered Virtual Riders will be entered in the Cow fundraising contests when all specific requirements are met. You can also qualify for the Cow incentive prizes based on your fundraising efforts, including the coveted Cow Lung Health Champion jersey (in addition to the event performance shirt) at the $1,000 level.


For more information about being a Virtual Rider, contact Gina Schwieger, Senior Director of Special Events, via email at [email protected] or call (312) 628-0210.