Flu season is in full swing. Protect your family and others.

As you have likely heard, cases of the flu have increased dramatically across the US over the last three weeks. Flu is now widespread in all states and Illinois is one of 26 states that are experiencing particularly high levels of flu activity this season. Flu season goes through March and it is of great importance to protect yourself, your family, colleagues and community members. Flu can be serious for anyone, but those living with lung disease are particularly at risk.

The best way to protect yourself – and everyone else – is to get a flu shot. If you haven’t got your shot yet, it’s not too late. Vaccination can prevent the further spread of the virus and can reduce symptoms if you get the flu. Flu shots are often covered by insurance. Call your health care provider or check local health department resources to find out where you can get a vaccine near you. If you or loved ones are displaying flu symptoms (fever and respiratory symptoms, such as cough and runny nose, and possibly other symptoms, such as body aches, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea) please stay home from work or school, remember to wash your hands frequently, cover your mouth when you cough, and promptly contact your health care provider.