New Fight Asthma Now© Record Set

On June 15, 2017, RHA’s asthma program team, including three National Health Corps (NHC) members, set a new record by educating 1,962 students with asthma.

RHA staff fostered relationships with new community partners and as a result increased RHA’s reach to new schools in high need communities.

Fight Asthma Now© is RHA’s free asthma self-management program delivered to youth and teens in school settings. RHA’s asthma educators use engaging and active lesson plans to give youth and teens the tools and knowledge they need to identify and avoid asthma triggers, manage asthma episodes and control asthma on a long-term basis.

RHA staff also provided Asthma Management training to 3,943 school personnel, parents and caregivers, teaching them how to remove triggers from the home, school or childcare center; prevent asthma episodes; help deliver asthma medicines; and handle asthma emergencies.