RHA and Cook County Health and Hospitals System launch the Healthy Lungs Initiative

Healthy Lungs Initiative was an innovative public health education program of Cook County Health and Hospitals System (CCHHS), established in March 2008 with funding from 2006 Cook County tobacco tax receipts. Healthy Lungs Initiative (HLI) focused on asthma and COPD self-management, tobacco cessation and reduced exposure to environmental tobacco smoke. The program was led by CCHHS clinical experts in asthma and COPD education and tobacco cessation, in partnership with Respiratory Health Association. The program provided services at 10 CCHHS outpatient sites, Stroger and Provident Hospitals, three additional community health centers and three substance use treatment programs. The program targeted communities of Cook County with greater burdens of asthma and tobacco related diseases with less access to the practical teaching HLI delivers. Between 2008-2016, Healthy Lungs Initiative improved lung health in Cook County, delivering one on-one tobacco cessation counseling sessions to more than 124,000 individuals, 27,000 asthma and COPD educational sessions and over 11,000 group tobacco education sessions.