What We Offer

Respiratory Health Association has been dedicated to lung health since 1906 and is proud to offer services that address our community’s lung health needs. RHA works locally, at the state level and across the nation to prevent lung disease, promote clean air and help people live better through education, research and policy change.



RHA offers Asthma Management, a one-hour program for caregivers of children with asthma, to schools and in community settings.

Courage to Quit® is RHA’s evidence-based group or individual tobacco treatment program for adults. It is the cessation component of RHA’s integrated tobacco intervention program.

RHA delivers Fight Asthma Now©, an asthma self-management curriculum, to youth and teens in school settings.

Our tobacco control initiatives are aimed at preventing tobacco use, protecting people from exposure to secondhand smoke and increasing access to cessation.

RHA’s advocacy efforts mobilize volunteers and community members in support of local, state, and federal policies to improve lung health.


RHA maintains an active role in lung disease research by supporting clinical trials, participating in research collaborations, and funding innovative studies on lung disease and treatment options.


Our toolkits conveniently bundle instructions, health resources, policy guidelines, implementation best practices and supplemental materials for disease care or policy change.


Find out how you can get involved as a volunteer for RHA.