Counsel to Quit®

In just 3 minutes, a health care provider can influence a smoker’s quit success. Your advice matters!

Counsel to Quit® is Respiratory Health Association’s 60- or 90-minute training program designed to help health care professionals advise their patients to quit smoking. Research shows that just 3-10 minutes of counseling from a health care provider can increase the likelihood of an individual’s success in quitting smoking by 60%.

RHA’s Counsel to Quit® trainings provide health care professionals with an evidence-based brief clinical intervention for smoking cessation. Training participants receive information and skills to appropriately screen patients for tobacco use, strategies to advise cessation, and opportunities to connect to local cessation referral options.

Training participants learn to:

  • Explain their clinical role in tobacco dependence treatment
  • Describe and deliver brief interventions to assist tobacco users in quitting according to the Ask, Advise, Refer  mode.
  • Refer patients to local cessation resources and the Illinois Tobacco Quitline
  • List effective tobacco cessation medications

For more information about bringing Counsel to Quit® to your organization, contact Lesli Vaughan, Program Manager, at 312-628-0208.