Our People

RHA’s staff is an invested group of individuals who strive every day to advance our vision of healthy lungs and clear air for all. Below, you will find a complete listing of RHA’s employees.

Their efforts are augmented by the service and dedication of our Board of Directors and Associates Board. RHA also has fantastic advocates, event participants, and volunteers.



Joel J. Africk

President & CEO

Email:  jafrick@resphealth.org
Phone:  (312) 628-0220

Pamela D. Perkins

Senior Director of Operations & Talent

Email: pperkins@resphealth.org
Phone:  (312) 628-0239

Zishan Zahid

Finance Director

Email: zzahid@resphealth.org
Phone:  (312) 628-0237

Florida Orange

Senior Coordinator, Finance & Administration

Email: forange@resphealth.org
Phone:  (312) 628-0236

Jason Shivers

Facilities and Technology Coordinator

Email: jshivers@resphealth.org
Phone:  (312) 628-0249

Programs & Policy

Erica Salem

Senior Director, Strategy, Programs & Policy

Email: esalem@resphealth.org
Phone:  (312) 628-0235

Brian Urbaszewski

Director, Environmental Health Programs

Email: burbaszewski@resphealth.org
Phone:  (312) 628-0245

Rachael Morkunas

Senior Program Manager

Email: rmorkunas@resphealth.org 
Phone:  (312) 628-0233

Kelly Nichols

Senior Manager, Policy & Advocacy

Email: knichols@resphealth.org
Phone:  (312) 628-0226

Kyra Heyl

Health Educator

Email: kheyl@resphealth.org
Phone: (312) 628-0241

Jalia Wilkins

Program Coordinator

Email: jwilkins@resphealth.org
Phone: (312) 628-0242


Laura Woods

Development Director

Email: LWoods@resphealth.org
Phone:  (312) 628-0251

Jean McCullough

Development Coordinator

Email: jmccullough@resphealth.org
Phone:  (312) 628-0213

Special Events

Jamie Blair

Assistant Director, Special Events

Email:  jblair@resphealth.org
Phone:  (312) 628-0223

Monica Rauch

Senior Manager, Special Events

Email: mrauch@resphealth.org
Phone: (312) 628-0194

Katie Bick

Relationship and Fundraising Manager, Special Events

Email: kbick@resphealth.org
Phone: (312) 628-0193

Jenny Diaz

Coordinator, Special Events

Email: jdiaz@resphealth.org
Phone: (312) 628-0217

Marketing & Communications


Sarah Meyer Hughes

Director, Marketing and Communications

Phone: (312) 628-0204

Alex Rodriguez

Digital Communications Coordinator

Phone: (312) 628-0205

Ela Berkmen

Graphic Designer

Email: eberkmen@resphealth.org
Phone: (312) 628-0206