Legacy Giving

Become a Lung Health Benefactor today by investing in our future.

“Through an estate gift to Respiratory Health Association, we see an opportunity to create a healthier world for not just our family but as a legacy will keep others from being impacted the way our family has.” – Bill & Marilee Kulterman, Lung Health Benefactors, Chicago

Respiratory Health Association celebrates the Lung Health Benefactors whose estate planning gifts support our mission. Together, they secure a sound future for healthy lung and clean air initiatives for years to come.

Why should I make a legacy gift?

Make a lasting impact and create opportunities to change the future by including a charitable gift to RHA in your estate plan.

When should I make a legacy gift?

We welcome Lung Health Benefactors at any life stage. Making a gift commitment as a Lung Health Benefactor may provide a wonderful opportunity for you and your loved ones, while also benefitting the people and communities Respiratory Health Association serves.

How can I make a legacy gift?

Gifts made through our Lung Health Benefactors Society offer simplicity, flexibility, versatility, and tax relief. There are many gift instruments that may achieve your goals. The best option is to consult with a professional advisor who can help identify a gift mechanism that is right for your personal situation. Often, these gifts require planning because they involve assets of your estate, rather than gifts of disposable income. Some common gifts are made using:

  • Wills & Bequests
  • Retirement Plans
  • Life Insurance Plans

For more information or so we can alert our brokerage of any expected gifts, contact Anastasia Schriber, Director of Development, at [email protected] or by phone at (312) 628-0251.

Who are Lung Health Benefactors?

People from all walks of life have made legacy gifts supporting Respiratory Health Association’s community lung health work. Among them are people who have volunteered with the Association or people drawn to our mission; others have chosen to pay tribute to a loved one through their legacy gift.