You Can Do Pulmonary Rehab at Home

While at no greater risk of getting sick with COVID-19, people with lung diseases like COPD are at higher risk for becoming seriously ill if they do become infected. Continuing your respiratory therapy is an important way to stay healthy. There are a number of ways you can continue your pulmonary rehab at home.

We put together a number of resources to keep you moving in your own home. We encourage you to talk to your health care provider if you have any concerns about what exercises or activity will work best for you.

Download Fact Sheet: Pulmonary Rehabilitation at Home 

pulmonary rehab exercises


Video: Daily Pulmonary Rehab at Home Exercises

Developed by the University Health Network

We recognize the COVID-19 outbreak may be stressful for some people. One of the best things people can do to support themselves is to take care of their bodies. You can do this through regular exercise, meditation, and healthy eating.

Project STRENGTH | “Support for Transitioning Rehabilitation and Exercise Now Going to Home”

Thanks to funding from the Learn More Breathe BetterSM program of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, we created resources on how you can be healthy at home while living with COPD. Each of these packets includes parts of pulmonary rehab and how to improve daily life.

View our at-home pulmonary rehab resources.

Additionally, please be sure to contact your doctor or healthcare team before performing any new activities in these packets. Remember to share these packets with your caregiver so you can both play a role in choosing to be healthier at home!

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