In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we made the decision to postpone the 2020 Living Better Together COPD Conference until November 2021. While disappointed to not see you in-person this year, we are working on providing the COPD community with alternatives in the meantime.

Living Better Together COPD Webinars

We hosted a series of webinars which address important topics and updates for people living with COPD and their caregivers.

Supplemental Oxygen at Home
Dr. Jerry Krishnan discusses what supplemental oxygen is, the benefits of using supplemental oxygen, and how to know when it’s time to start or stop using home oxygen.

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Current COPD Medications
Managing symptoms and slowing down any damage to lungs is important since there is currently no cure for COPD. In this webinar, we discuss the different types of COPD medications and answer questions.

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COPD and Common Comorbidities
Comorbidities, or having more than one condition at the same time, can occur in patients with mild, moderate, or severe COPD. In this webinar, Dr. Paul Reyfman discussed some of the most common conditions that can develop for people living with COPD and the impact they may have.

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Thank you to all who attended the 2019 Living Better Together COPD Conference. View photos from the 2019 event on our Flickr. You can also look back at last year’s events with the information and links below. 

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Emphysema Relief through New Treatment Option

Emphysema is a debilitating disease that affects not only the patients themselves, but also their family and caregivers who have to watch them deal with the frustration and fear of not being able to breathe easily. Chris found normal daily activities, such as getting dressed or going to the grocery store, difficult and complicated due to the restrictions his emphysema symptoms caused as they progressed over time. He would have to form a strategy to even go to the grocery store and ended up having to pick and choose what he could and could not do, which Chris found to be embarrassing. His wife, Jody, says that “watching him not do the activities he used to do and the frustration he feels…is terrible”. She felt devastated after watching Chris struggle.

Chris felt that his problems became his family’s problems too, and he had to say “no” to activities they used to love, like traveling or spending time outdoors. Jody watched him struggle which fueled her continued search for treatment options that could help them regain some normalcy in their lives. She felt a divide between their family and the rest of the world, which is a common experience among caregivers and family members who feel they have to manage life around a loved one struggling with this disease.

Chris was evaluated by his pulmonologist and, through a series of non-invasive tests, was determined to be a candidate for Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction (BLVR). According to Chris, everything changed because of this minimally invasive bronchoscopic procedure. When asked how he would describe his experience, he stated, “The term life-changing comes to mind. At least for me, I’ve gotten a lot back that I had lost.” The procedure brought Chris and Jody relief as they felt a lot of the concern, worry and fear removed from their relationship. Jody describes it as “free-ing” and “neither one of them worry about emphysema anymore”. They no longer let emphysema control their lives and are able to do what they love to do. Chris has “gotten back so much that he didn’t think he could”.


If you were diagnosed with severe emphysema by your physician, you may be a candidate for the treatment option identified in this blog post. To find a treating physician in your area, visit:

To hear Chris and Jody’s full story, visit:

To learn more about Spiration® Valve System’s full prescriptive information including the potential risks and complications, please refer to the company’s webpage at

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Chris and his wife, Jody

Respiratory Health Association does not endorse any medical procedure or recommend the suitability of any medical procedure. We believe informed and empowered patients are the best advocates for their lung health. We advise COPD patients and their families to consider all available options for their care. 

Planning Committee

You can help shape next year’s Living Better Together COPD Conference by joining the Planning Committee. The group meets by phone to provide ideas and input to the RHA staff members. Contact Avanthi Chatrathi, Program Coordinator, via email at [email protected] to learn more.